Trailblazer joins Newcastle Financial Planning Group

Trailblazer joins Newcastle Financial Planning Group

Joining Newcastle Financial Planning Group as their newest SME specialist is trailblazer, Anthony Campbell.

Anthony joins the team following thirteen years in the Commonwealth Bank’s business banking sector where he worked with self-employed clients, and three years in his father’s financial planning business prior to that. Earlier in his career he also worked in the real estate industry.

His approach to working with SMEs has always been to develop an in-depth understanding of a client’s business – by visiting them on site.

“In doing that, I get to see and understand what’s important to them and the business. Quite often their business is their passion, their baby,” Anthony said.

“Clients see their lawyers to handle their legal needs. They see their accountant to do their finances, their BAS and monitor their profit and loss. They’ll go and see their doctor to sort out their blood pressure problems because of all the stress they’re facing.

“I’m the only person who they talk to about the legal side, the financial side, the medical side, the personal side, their dreams and goals – I become embedded in their lives.”

Anthony says for many successful SMEs, their success can come at a cost.

“To become that successful they are putting their entire energy into their business, so as a result, some areas may become unintentionally neglected. A perfect example is failing to set up a succession plan or have mechanisms in place should a key person leave the business.

“I can help them navigate their finances and their goals, allowing them to focus on what they do best – run their business,” he said.

Having lived in Newcastle for more than 30 years, the father of two daughters aged 18 and 21, considers himself a proud Novocastrian.

Most weekends you will find Anthony Campbell trail running somewhere in the bush.

Not only has he completed 12 ultra-marathons in trail running – he embraces every opportunity to introduce people to the exhilarating sport.

“I thoroughly enjoy showing new people and friends around the trails. I enjoy that guiding role and it’s exactly what I enjoy about financial planning – guiding people and giving advice.”

He lives by a philosophy he learned from a former mentor, conducting himself in a way professionally that means there is no need to cross the road to avoid a client.

“That’s the way I treat any situation – am I able to back this up, am I able to live with it? People are trusting me, and I need to be proud of my actions and advice.”

Anthony commenced his role in September at Newcastle Financial Planning Group.

IMAGE | Newcastle Financial Planning Group welcomes Anthony Campbell.

Newcastle Financial Planning Group

Newcastle Financial Planning Group do things differently. Where many financial planners look at your income and assets and then tell you what you can achieve, NFPG like to start by understanding the essence of the life you want and work backwards from there. Everyone is different, so every financial plan should be tailored to the individual lifestyles and goals of their clients.

Their team of financial planners are passionate about delivering the best possible outcomes for their clients. NFPG’s key strengths are really listening to their clients’ desires, ambitions, goals and dreams to ensure that the plan they create together is one they mutually agree to and continue to develop over time. NFPG utilises all relevant strategies and products to ensure their financial planners continue to evolve and deliver meaningful outcomes for their clients.

NFPG is committed to forming lasting life-long relationships with its clients and supporting them through life’s up and downs. Dedicated to excellence and exceptional client support, the team promotes and encourage positive change within their industry and community.

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