Tenacity, touch and tech – ingredients for Top Shots innovation

Tenacity, touch and tech – ingredients for Top Shots innovation

Executives from the nation’s most innovative companies will share their success stories as well as a few of the trials and tribulations they encountered at the Top Shots Breakfast on Tuesday 17 April 2018 in Newcastle.

Organiser of the event and Founder of Ideation at Work, Christina Gerakiteys said this year’s focus of the event is the 3Ts – tenacity, touch and tech.

“As we move into a world where innovation must be a constant, the event’s goal posts have shifted from the most innovative companies to the most forward-moving needed ingredients,” Christina said.

In its fourth year, this year’s breakfast features a panel of innovators including speakers from Splend, Avenue Dental, Uber and PetCloud.

Christina said that in order to innovate, you need a little inspiration, a dose of resilience, a whack of tenacity and as much determination as you can muster.

“Tenacity, by definition, is having a firm grip and being determined enough and persistent enough to continue chasing a desired outcome. That is exactly what Top Shot Splend showed when the business focused on an innovative deal with Uber,” Christina said.

“Splend was the brainchild of Australian entrepreneur Chris King, who found a gap in the Uber market and came up with a solution. What do you do when most Uber drivers have cars three years old or less, yours isn’t, but you want to drive for Uber? You lease one from Splend. Chris identified the problem and came up with the solution, then tenaciously romanced Uber for a collaboration.”

The second T for the event is touch, highlighting the non-negotiable need for a social-conscious context in order to succeed in business.

“One way this shows up is having an amazing workplace culture, which is good for your people, your clients and as a result, the bottom line,” Christina said.

“Avenue Dental Co-owners, Drs Eli Burger and Stephen Dudgeon, created an incredible culture that had their business named number one in the Best Places to Work under 100 employees List. At the breakfast they will share the strategies and commitment that made it possible.”

The third T covered at the breakfast is technology. Christina said it is the vehicle through which we seek to improve the way we do things.

“Throughout history, the most successful businesses have incorporated the best technology of the day into their operations. Deb Morrison, CEO of PetCloud and Number One Woman to Watch in Tech, is yet another entrepreneur who did this when she spied a gap in the market and filled it,” Christina said.

“When Airbnb opened up a myriad of choices worldwide to travellers seeking accommodation and those who had vacant beds and rooms, Deb saw a possibility for pet owners. She created a model that connected pet lovers who travelled with pet lovers with hearts and rooms for furry visitors.”

Amongst the speakers at event is also Top Shot Lockie Cooke, who was one of Uber’s first employees. He holds the title of Sharing Economy Expert, Head of Policy and Job Creation.

“Lockie is also widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading social enterprise and sharing economy advocates. He has many 3T-stories to share at the breakfast,” Christina said.

These entrepreneurs will share their successes, failures, grit and determination to bring their ideas to life at the Top Shots Breakfast Event on Tuesday 17 April 2018 at Hunter Design School.

IMAGE | Speaker at the Top Shots Breakfast, Deb Morrison of PetCloud.

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Ideation At Work is a consultancy advising SMEs and corporates, how to put 'thinking' and 'creative' back into everyday ops to foster innovation.

They enable businesses and organisations to generate ideas, create opportunities for incremental, disruptive or destructive innovation, and action those ideas and opportunities into reality. 

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