Nexus Law Group acquires Australian Lawyers Network

Nexus Law Group acquires Australian Lawyers Network

Newcastle-based legal firm, Nexus Law Group, has recently acquired the globally operating Australian Lawyers Network Pty Ltd (ALN).

Nexus is built on a modern and innovative approach that brings flexibility, salability and efficiency to the traditional practice of law. The resulting model is designed to create a more rewarding practice environment for lawyers and a more efficient and cost-effective service delivery for clients.

Founder of Nexus, Marcus McCarthy said the models and practice ethos held by the business are similar to that of ALN, so the acquisition was ideal for Nexus’ national growth plans.

“I was aware of the alignment between Australian Lawyers Network’s strategic vision and views on the future of the profession and ours. We both adhere to the fundamental view that there is a better way to practice law,” Marcus said.

“ALN had the beginnings of a solid contractor business but lacked a cohesive system, like OpenLaw™, to fully connect its cohort of lawyers.

“As our practice model paves a path for new ways of doing business; mergers and collaborations like this are vital to the success of not only our firm, but the entire industry.”

Founder of ALN, Alan Prasad, will bring 17 years of commercial experience to Nexus as a Partner and said he is looking forward to working beside a company with such similar philosophies to ALN.

“It has been extremely gratifying to see the growth of the Nexus ‘embedded contractor’ model, which is highly synergistic with my firm structure and its OpenLaw practice system is a complete solution for ALN,” Alan said.

Established only a few years ago, the ‘NewLaw’ firm approach taken by ALN and Nexus now has a significant presence in the legal sector.

IMAGE | ALN’s Founder, Alan Prasad, will join Nexus Law Group as a Partner.

Nexus Law Group

Nexus Law Group is a collective of senior independent specialist lawyers, connected via a unified operating system, which delivers a better return for both client and lawyer.

Their unique Open Law practice system delivers freedom, collaboration, transparency and system efficiency to the practice of law, allowing their lawyers to concentrate on what they do best and their clients direct access to the most efficient specialist skill delivery system in the market today.

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