Monica Clare Recruitment welcomes new Technology Recruitment Consultant

Monica Clare Recruitment welcomes new Technology Recruitment Consultant

Monica Clare Recruitment is excited to welcome Jim Swinglehurst to their team.

Jim brings 15 years of global experience in the technology industry to his new specialised recruitment role dedicated to the same sector.

After working as a Hiring Manager client-side, he looks forward to transferring his skills to a fast-paced agency.

English-born Jim found home in Newcastle soon after arriving in Australia in 2010. He has worn many hats in his career so far, including Head Technician, Technical Team Lead, Graphic Designer, Manager of Game UK – but his favourite and longest tenure was as Business Manager at Apple.

Notably, Jim led the opening of 10 stores across Australia and Southeast Asia.

After 15 years with Apple, Jim reached out to Monica Clare Recruitment for advice on changing careers. This first interaction as a candidate is what set him on his new career path as a Recruitment Consultant.

“I found a place [Monica Clare Recruitment] where I was treated exactly how I would like to be treated as a candidate, and how I already treated those who I was managing as Business Manager,” Jim said.

With a true passion for understanding people and connecting them to careers, Jim felt that a position with Monica Clare Recruitment was a natural progression in his career.

“When you want to be a recruiter, especially an ethical one, you want to make sure the candidate experience matches how you would like to be treated and is equal to the one you are providing for the client. When I experienced this first-hand, I knew this is a place I could learn and finesse my trade.

“At Monica Clare Recruitment I saw integrity, communication and a willingness to invest in someone’s talent and skillset. In my opinion, one of the key skills of a recruiter is investing in a person’s transferable skills instead of their one-for-one experience.”

Jim is driven by team success and looks forward to learning from and contributing to the success of the business.

“I’m impressed by the calibre of the team we have. I spent time with Simon Rutten, and he is so willing to tell me how he has been successful. He spoke to me with integrity, the same way he speaks to both his candidates and clients,” he said.

“Clare [Ferguson] is open, transparent and genuinely excited, which is refreshing coming from a Business Director. I’m driven by my team and shared business success, so having high-calibre colleagues really ignites a fire to achieve.”

As Recruitment Consultant at Monica Clare Recruitment, Jim will grow and expand client relationships in the Technology space.

IMAGE | Jim Swinglehurst joins the Monica Clare Recruitment team, expanding their in-house technology expertise.

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