Locals first in Australia to experience cutting-edge security screening at Newcastle Airport

Locals first in Australia to experience cutting-edge security screening at Newcastle Airport

Residents of the Hunter, Central Coast and Northern NSW are amongst the first in the country to experience new cutting-edge aviation security technology, with Newcastle Airport having installed high-tech infrastructure earlier this month.

Newcastle Airport CEO, Dr Peter Cock, said that the new security technology is set to enhance overall customer experiences, allowing passenger needs to remain the top priority of their operations.

“We’re very proud to offer all passengers through our Airport a greatly enhanced customer experience,” Peter said.

“Through the use of this world leading screening system, our passengers will enjoy a screening and security process that is easier and more focused on our passengers’ needs.”

Peter explained that passengers will now be able to go through security screening without the need to remove laptops from hand luggage and that the screening will replace random explosive detection tests.

Overall, with this new cutting-edge system, security screening will be smoother and more convenient for travellers.

“Of course, the safety of passengers is a key priority for us, and this new high-tech screening infrastructure will help us to deliver on that commitment, whilst ensuring the highest level of security for all,” Peter continued.

In October, Newcastle Airport also rolled out a new Flight Information Display System (FIDS) throughout the terminal, making it easier for passengers and Airport visitors to access flight information and improve their travel experience.

The FIDS upgrade delivers new screens for improved visibility and accessibility, more travel information and additional alerts.

“We aim to make all passengers travel experiences as stress-free as possible,” Peter added.

“Both the security screening and FIDS upgrades contribute towards a more seamless experience for all who travel through Newcastle Airport.”

Speaking of the rollout at Newcastle Airport, SNP Senior Managing Director, Tom Roche said he was delighted to see this new technology being implemented in the Hunter. He also took the time to congratulate the various teams that made it all possible.

“SNP is delighted to partner with Newcastle Airport to successfully implement Computed Tomography (CT) baggage X-ray and Body Scanning in Australia,” Tom said.

“SNP congratulate Newcastle Airport on this accomplishment, and we are proud of our dedicated team of security professionals who worked closely to make it happen.”

IMAGE | New cutting-edge screening technology being rolled out at Newcastle Airport.

Newcastle Airport

Newcastle Airport is a significant gateway into NSW and the Hunter. As a major transport hub it is critical to economic and social infrastructure and its planned and managed growth has helped underpin the continued prosperity of the Hunter. 

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