Local business is number one according to Client Heartbeat

Local business is number one according to Client Heartbeat

Newcastle born business, Strategic Group, have achieved stellar results in its latest quarterly customer satisfaction survey.

The client satisfaction survey, Client Heartbeat, is used by businesses around the world to determine how satisfied and engaged clients are. The survey ranks client satisfaction over four categories.

Based on recent and consistent results, Strategic Group has now become the Australian leader in the Managed IT Services Category.

By sending the survey each quarter, Strategic Group is able to get a clear and honest view of how its client base sees their relationship with the business. Clients are asked to provide scores based on the key categories of promptness, accuracy, partnership and helpfulness. The end results allow Strategic Group to either adjust the way the client is serviced or use the experience as a template for further clients.

The reports not only give a good understanding of each individual client, but also provide an overall benchmark for Strategic Group’s customer support as well as a comparison to all other businesses in the same field as Strategic Group.

Strategic Group CEO, Chris Boswell, said these insights are important to drive the direction of the company.

“The regular Client Heartbeat survey lets us understand our clients better and more accurately meet their needs. As a result, we can get almost instant feedback on new initiatives and ensure that our customer satisfaction and customer retention continues to be best in class,” Chris said.

The ability to see how they are viewed in the eyes of their customers has allowed Strategic Group to identify clients that are potentially at risk and be proactive in managing their relationships. This in turn has improved retention and grown referrals to new business.

Strategic Group’s overall rating has been improving every quarter and the team put that down to the success of their Client Services Manager, Aron Robertson.

“By having a dedicated resource targeting customer satisfaction, we have found that Aron has successfully implemented customer strategies that have proved to not only be effective, but have further enhanced our relationship with our customers,” Chris said.

“We would recommend any company utilise some sort of net promoter scoring system and we have found Client Heartbeat to be most effective in giving us timely feedback to continue our improvement processes.”

IMAGE | Strategic Group CEO, Chris Boswell.

Strategic Group

Most Novocastrians are surprised to hear that some of Australia's first Cloud technology was developed in Newcastle.

Strategic Group developed the first Cloud solution for SME's in Australia - VAULT, aptly named as it was first built in the old Chubb Security bunker in Hamilton.

Strategic Group now services organisations all across Australia, some with an international footprint and was recently selected as MYOB's preferred Cloud solution.

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