Local business demonstrates operational compliance with new accreditation recognition

Local business demonstrates operational compliance with new accreditation recognition

Carter Heavy Haulage have recently taken their business to the next level, with new accreditation from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) and Main Roads Western Australia.

To show customers they are pursuing safer, smarter work practices, the Carter team have pulled together to formalise their efforts with industry recognition.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is Australia’s regulator for all heavy vehicles. They offer accreditation recognition for industry leaders through the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS).

Likewise Main Roads Western Australia require operators of heavy vehicles to hold accreditation (WAHVA) to demonstrate adherence to their jurisdictional regulations to enable unlimited travel across the state border each year.

Carter Heavy Haulage have obtained accreditation in the following areas of their business:

  • NHVAS Mass Management
  • NHVAS Maintenance Management
  • NHVAS Basic Fatigue Management
  • WAHVA Fatigue Management
  • WAHVA Maintenance Management
  • WAHVA Dimension and Loading

The team are overjoyed with the news of their accreditation.

Company Secretary of Carter Heavy Haulage, Leonnie Carter, said the accreditation wouldn’t have been possible without the team effort.

“It just goes to show that a business is only as good as the people behind it,” Leonnie said.

“Thanks to our wonderful team, Carter Heavy Haulage has been recognised in not one, not two, but three types of areas within the two fields – all of which are crucial to successful operating in this industry.”

According to Carter, some other companies piggy-back off one another, ensuring they don’t have to secure the accreditation but Carter says they would much rather stand alone, as to not limit their clientele.

Holding their own accreditation means the team can travel in and out of Western Australia each year, without limitations.

Leonnie said this will enhance the overall service Carter are able to offer clients.

“We’re not restricted anymore, so we can offer this service to our clients as often as they need. Showing your customers that they are central in all that a business does, really makes a difference in terms of rapport, success, and profit,” she said.

Carter are now able to take on additional work as an independent contractor.

Leonnie believes the new accreditation will streamline the team’s services, as opposed to their former status as a subcontractor working on behalf of a principal contractor.

On their road to accreditation, Carter Heavy Haulage needed to ensure that the policies and procedures currently in place were not only effective but also encompassed and met legislative and regulatory requirements of both the NHVR and Main Roads WA

They needed to demonstrate the team’s ability to manage risk and show how specific individual responsibilities are employed alongside demonstrating that appropriate  training is provided to ensure relevant qualifications are maintained by every member of the team

To obtain accreditation, the company were required to demonstrate the development, implementation and maintenance of detailed operational safety policies and procedures and that detailed recording keeping and compliance reporting are all maintained.

Company records were audited by an external Auditor to achieve accreditation with ongoing periodic audits being required to demonstrate the maintenance of the company’s management systems.

Carter’s Safety and Compliance Manager, Donna Hunter, says the NHVR  and Main Roads WA were able to see how their business approaches safety and rewarded these efforts appropriately.

“By demonstrating that our team knows how to mitigate risk, we’re ensuring personal safety. With the structures we have in place, everyone is taken care of – the Carter team, our clients, and anyone who comes into contact with our business, are all able to work safely,” she said.

While the accreditation is great for business, the team are also excited to see their work recognised by industry leading bodies such as the NHVR and Main Roads WA.

Leonnie believes the NHVR have reassured Carter that they’re operating effectively, giving the team a boost of confidence.

“It’s great to be recognised, and our team are excited to add this title to our business, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator accreditation means we’re approaching safety in the best way possible,” she said.

“We have taken responsibility for safety in the workplace and community but having that confirmed by an industry regulator has been a great way to reassure ourselves.”

Obtaining and maintaining accreditation demonstrates that a business has identified their specific risks and implemented controls to manage them.

For Carter, this meant being able to show how the team deals with risks such as fatigue, maintenance, mass, dimensions and load restraint, and training and qualifications.

These risks are common throughout the industry, and failure to manage them is often the root cause of accidents on the road.

Upholding this accreditation allows industry players to be more conscious of the day-to-day operation of their business, making them more inclined to ensure important measures don’t fall by the wayside.

This, in turn, flows on to the overall standard and reputation of not only the individual business, but the overall transport industry.

IMAGE | Carter Heavy Haulage Founders, Leonnie and Josh Carter, with the Kenworth 900 Legend.

Carter Heavy Haulage & Transport

Carter Heavy Haulage & Transport offers a broad range of logistics services including full end-to-end solutions, over-dimensional transport, heavy haulage, specialised projects and time critical services.

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