Hunter YoungGun | Stephanie Jordan

Hunter YoungGun | Stephanie Jordan

Stephanie Jordan began her career in the mining construction industry, where she spent seven years in a variety of roles, mainly around Human Resources.

During this time, Stephanie purchased her first and second property, which ignited her fascination of real estate. After working away on remote construction sites for three years, Stephanie took the opportunity for a career change and has been a Sales Consultant at Dalton Partners in New Lambton ever since.

Stephanie graduated from the University of Newcastle in 2009 with a Bachelor of Business and is currently the Junior Vice President of the Newcastle Business Club and President of her local weekly networking breakfast – BNI Summit.

In 2018 she wrote her first book ‘Selling Property Made Simple’.

  • What career path led you to where you are now?  

Well, I’m a Newcastle girl born and bred, and I went to school here and then I did a Bachelor of Business in Newcastle Uni as well, and luckily enough straight after that I got work experience at a giant mining construction company based in Newcastle.

I was with them for seven years, so a while, and three years of that I was working away on-site and I was in HR for that time.

And when I was on site I was doing 11 days on, 3 days off, so it got pretty intense and I was never home and really missed being around family and friends and everyone was growing up pretty quickly, so I was looking at my options and had the opportunity to come back to Newcastle in HR.

But I didn’t love what I was doing, so I started thinking about what else there was and friends of mine had suggested real estate because I had bought and renovated a couple of properties myself by that stage. And then I asked a few questions, had a few offers, and ended up at Dalton Partners and haven’t looked back.

  • What motivates and drives you?

Definitely cliché – my clients.

I just love the people I get to meet and helping them realise their dreams of buying and selling. It’s so rewarding. But also I genuinely love what I do.

So, every day I wake up, I want to go to work, I want to see my clients, I want to see my colleagues and stay inside everyone’s houses that I get to see every day is a bonus.

  • What has been your biggest learning curve in your career?

I think the biggest thing would have to be that you don’t have to stick with the career that you start with.

So, I started and was in a really great job that I could have had for the rest of my life probably, but I wasn’t happy. To do something that you love and not be afraid to make the change no matter what age you are. It is definitely the biggest learning curve I had, because I had a lot of doubters, but I did it anyway and I’m so happy I did.

  • Where would you like to be in 10 years?

That is probably the most difficult question, because I don’t know.

I never would have expected to be where I am right now three years ago. But I think one of the main things that I look at in my life is that I want to be one of the best agents in Newcastle, but not necessarily the biggest.

So, it keeps driving to be known as a really great agent and have some really great experiences with people along the way is all I strive for at the moment.

  • Have you had any significant Hunter-based mentors during your career that inspire you?

Definitely. So, obviously my parents, that’s probably a pretty standard one, they’ve always supported me and inspired me. But currently, Lisa Macklin, the Director of Dalton Partners New Lambton has been such a great mentor for me.

She gave me a chance when I had no experience, and I worked with her and now we work side-by-side and we learn off each other every day, and it’s been so valuable to me as a start-up.

Dalton Partners

In 1984, Robert and Helen Dalton commenced trading as Robert Dalton Real Estate at The Junction and the name "Dalton" became synonymous with real estate throughout Newcastle.
Over time, the organisation has grown with 2 locations at The Junction and New Lambton. 

The partners David Noble, Andrew McGavin, Lisa Macklin, Anthony Merlo and Robert Merlo have navigated Dalton Partners through the variety of market conditions that have seen the Dalton team of more than 20 provide the very best of service from their sales and property management divisions.

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