Hunter Valley business creates innovative QR code to preserve family history

Hunter Valley business creates innovative QR code to preserve family history

Aeonian, founded by Hunter Valley based mother-daughter duo Leah and Anna, has introduced a new approach to remembering the lives of our loved ones with their custom metal plaques featuring QR code technology. 

This heartfelt initiative was inspired by their own journey in capturing the history of their father and grandfather when he passed away.

This experience emphasised the impact that stories and legacies can have on our lives, the importance of recording family history so that it is not lost and the way that such remembrance can help with the grieving process. 

The Aeonian metal plaque, designed to be attached to headstones, gravestones, monuments and memorials, features a special QR code. This unique code, links seamlessly to a secure digital record containing a person’s photo and life story.

Leah and Anna understand the importance of preserving memories, and Aeonian offers a range of options to do just that. Families can choose to draft their own stories, utilise an existing eulogy, or opt for a supported package where the Aeonian team assists in crafting a  personalised and heartfelt life story.

“Just a few years ago many of us weren’t familiar with QR codes, but following COVID we saw an opportunity to celebrate family history and remember our loved ones by embracing this technology,” Anna said.

“The majority of people have a smart phone and internet connection, with our tasteful plaque that is all you need to connect with the life stories of loved ones.”

Everyone has a story to be told, and with Aeonian it is easy to record this story, share it with others and make it available for generations to come in a digital format with a plaque that’s made to last. 

Leah and Anna see great potential in the Aeonian technology; beyond a tasteful memorial for individuals and families, it could be a fantastic opportunity to record key moments and events, and the lives of treasured, famous or infamous characters from rural and regional towns – creating an innovative and interactive tourist attraction for areas rich in history but without resources such as a museum. 

“We would love to partner with local councils, cemeteries and historical societies so that we can continue to preserve and celebrate the legacies of this wonderful region – and beyond – for many years to come,” Leah said.

“Although our headquarters are in the Hunter Valley, our  Aeonian plaques can be posted anywhere in Australia.”

More information about how you can purchase and learn more about Aeonian is on their website.

IMAGE | Aeonian QR code on a local funeral plaque.


Aeonian was founded with a passion for preserving memories and creating a lasting legacy for individuals and communities alike. Through their innovative metal plaques and QR code technology, Aeonian transforms the way we remember and share the stories of our loved ones.

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