Hunter businesswomen launch new program to keep professionals relevant

Hunter businesswomen launch new program to keep professionals relevant

Two of the Hunter region’s prominent businesswomen have come together to combine their skills in HR and innovation to offer a new PR program for lawyers, accountants and finance professionals.

Founder of UtopiaX and Hunter Innovation Festival, Christina Gerakiteys, and CEO of Being More Human and Human Power, Michelle Crawford have created the Your Relevant Future program.

The program, which kicks off in Wickham this June, will support the Hunter’s lawyers, accountants and finance professionals to build their interpersonal and leadership skills, as well as their human empathy, ensuring they’re not left behind as their professions are disrupted by tech developments and artificial intelligence (AI).

The course came about when Michelle and Christina were contacted by professionals in these industries to discuss a need to improve their human skills to stay relevant and avoid disruption.

Christina said the legal, accounting and finance professions are three professions that many realise have been greatly impacted by tech in the last decade.

“There are plenty of examples of why professionals in these industries have a need to upskill,” Christina said.

“Algorithms have been written to fight legal battles, and accounting has already undergone huge changes with programs such as Xero. The rules of engagement in innovation suggest that when you identify a problem, you do your best to solve it, and that’s what we’re doing.”

The course will help smooth the transition of these professionals from technical expert to trusted adviser and provides CPD and CLE points. It will upskill professionals in the things computers can’t do –  the human stuff – covering areas such as: improving your emotional intelligence and communication skills, learning how to collaborate and embrace innovation, creative skills, improving leadership capabilities, looking after your wellbeing (and your team’s wellbeing), and managing your productivity.

Recently published reports such as the Professional accountants – the future: Drivers of change and future skills’ white paper from the ACCA and the Shaping the future of Accounting in Business Education in Australia report by CPA Australia further highlighted this need, revealing that ethical competencies, creativity, people skills, vision, emotional intelligence and digital competencies are all areas where these professionals need support.

While the course is aimed at those in the finance, legal, accounting industries, other professionals can also get in touch with the local Being More Human team to find out about other support options.

IMAGE | Christina Gerakiteys and Michelle Crawford will launch the Your Relevant Program for accountants, lawyers and finance professionals.

Being More Human

Being More Human is a bespoke system for change that ignites and transforms people, purpose and profit by getting to the heart of the matter.

The business’ team of like-minded, visionary thinkers empower individuals and organisations to be more human in everything they do. They’ve combined a range of human resource products and tools with their own people’s unique skillsets and passion to produce an effective method to bring positive change to businesses, their leaders, staff and managers.

Being More Human is helping its clients to reap the significant benefits of understanding their who, and therefore their how. Benefits like higher engagement, lower staff turnover, less psychological claims, a more constructive culture and, as a result, greater efficiencies and productivity.

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