Go Circular announces appointment of The Hunter’s first Circular Economy Strategist

Go Circular announces appointment of The Hunter’s first Circular Economy Strategist

Go Circular has appointed the Hunter’s first Chief Circular Economy Strategist, Dr Will Rifkin.

The appointment arose from the need for someone to connect the dots across the Hunter to help reveal collaborative, circular economy opportunities for the region’s enterprises.

Will explains that a circular economy strategist looks at ways to redesign products or services, and how to rejig relationships in the supply chain.

These improvements can boost efficiency, help the bottom line, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve sustainability, more generally.

“The circular economy is a complicated area but with a lot of promise. There are many moving parts,” Will said.

“I enjoy working with clients to boost efficiency through circular economy solutions. The job requires an understanding of business operations, multiple engineering disciplines and facilitating change in an organisation.

“At Go Circular we seek to help people to learn about the circular economy and sustainability and enable organisations to change.”

This exciting new role draws will draw on Will’s experience addressing regional change in the Hunter and in Queensland.

He will use his background in organisational learning and expert-nonexpert communication as well as early work in the aerospace and energy sectors to help businesses achieve their circular economy goals.

CEO of Go Circular, Annie Jiang said they are proud to appoint the Hunter’s first circular Economy Strategist.

“Will has the skills to be able to assess a client’s readiness for the circular economy and design a strategy for these clients to move areas of their business such as production and supply chains towards a circular solution,” Annie said.

“Essentially, Will is a specialist in systems thinking, and providing guidance on how all sections of an organisation can be structured to achieve a more circular outcome and long tern sustainability.

“He can provide financially beneficial solutions to clients that also help the environment we all share.

“We look forward to this type of role being established in other organisations and in government, someone who can speak the language and understand the perspectives of the wide array of players in the circular economy while addressing environment-social-governance concerns and sustainability.”

IMAGE | Dr Will Rifkin, Chief Circular Economy Strategist.

Go Circular

At Go Circular, we have embraced the principles and opportunities offered by the circular economy to address the environmental challenges we all currently face.

We are an advisory group dedicated to supporting organisations to increase economic productivity and reduce environmental impact. In short, we help organisations to Go Circular.

Our mission is to guide businesses, communities, cities and regions toward a more SUSTAINABLE FUTURE.

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