The future in onsite safety reporting has arrived

The future in onsite safety reporting has arrived

Take5apps recently released the fifth version of the T5 Safety App for iOS and Android devices.

Specifically developed for the smart phone, this safety app was envisaged to replace traditional safety cards, prestart checks, hazard reports and incident reports and essentially eliminates the need to fill out forms. It also speeds up and improves the entire safety reporting process.

Co-Founder of the T5 Safety App, Ian Nathan said it has taken four years, but the business has finally reached their original vision for the T5.

“It functions as it was intended. It’s simple, it’s fast, it’s much smarter than the last version and it looks good; just how you’d expect a safety app to look,” Ian said.

“Most importantly the T5 works and it works well. We are truly excited with the final result and can’t wait to see how it’s received by the safety world.”

The T5 has been designed with a number of benefits in mind over other safety apps on the market, including five separate safety modules and functions that are centrally connected around the user and its report recipients, it requires one affordable payment for life, it’s easy to use, the upgrades are free, it’s compliant and it’s specialised functionality works to save time and reduce data entry.

Earlier this year Take5apps won the 2017 Hunter Safety Award for Most Innovative Idea SME, which recognised the T5 safety app as a legitimate safety solution.

“We have moved on from where the T5 was when it won the award and we have taken it to the next level with two new modules and many core improvements. Of course talk is cheap so we encourage you to check it out for yourself,” Ian said.

“With technology moving as quickly as it is we believe we are in for some truly exciting advances in personal device development.

“Take5apps recognises that this type of technology will completely change the way we manage not only onsite safety, but also business management in general. What form it takes in the years to come is still a mystery, but it is definitely our intention for the T5 safety app to be right at hand.”

IMAGE | The new T5 Safety App is changing the way businesses deliver on safety in the workplace.


The T5 Safety App is designed to simplify and improve the safety process for site workers and safety management alike.

We have achieved this by automating many of the repetitive steps in undertaking a hazard or risk analysis and we utilise current personal device technology to speed up the entire process that traditionally can take up to a week and reduce it to around five minutes.

That includes completing the Take5, emailing (instead of collecting) the report and automatically creating and attaching a data file which can be easily uploaded into a spreadsheet or database for analysis.

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