City’s tallest commercial building hits new heights

City’s tallest commercial building hits new heights

Hunter-based and locally owned construction company, Core Project Group has celebrated the topping out of Newcastle’s tallest commercial building, 727 HQ.

Core Project Group was joined by Deputy Lord Mayor, Declan Clausen, representatives from the owner HYG, design consultants, contractors, and site workers to celebrate the milestone for 727 HQ, which now sits as the city’s tallest commercial building towering 60 meters in height.

Core Project Group Director, Courtney Knight said that this development was a testament to the entire team.

“Despite the pandemic and other significant global supply chain issues, the construction program at 727 HQ has been able to remain on track,” Courtney said.

“Everyone here today understands the challenges this industry has faced in recent times, and as a team we are extremely grateful that we can celebrate this milestone today.”

This project is one of significance to Newcastle, further supporting City of Newcastle’s vision to shift its business district from the peninsula east to Newcastle West.

“Not only is this project a strong signal of our city’s progression and advancement, but since commencement the project has engaged over 210 business and seen 775 workers on site, who have collectively contributed over 125,000 hours,” Courtney said.

“A vast majority of those business and workers are people local to our community. This means that jobs and the economic benefits of this construction project are remaining right here in Newcastle.”

The 727 HQ building is situated on the former Newcastle City Holden site between National Park Street and Stewart Avenue.

The urban revitalisation development consolidates multiple lots to join Hunter Street to King Street via a pedestrian lane way. The 14,000 square meter, 16 storey commercial building is slated for completion in early 2023.


IMAGE | Core Project Group has celebrated the topping out of Newcastle’s tallest commercial building.

Core Project Group

Our passion is creating environments in which people thrive. But it does not stop there, as we believe that doing so should be a rewarding experience.

Projects need to happen on time, they need to come in on budget and quality is paramount. We think of these three needs as the base line. And no client should expect any less. Equally, we believe that the process should be rewarding for those involved and what we discovered back when founding CPG was that often it was anything but.

Core Project Group is built on a foundation of collaboration, communication and integrity with an aim to be the best construction company Australia has ever seen.

With over 45 years of combined industry experience, Core Project Group is led by a team that have a robust understanding of what it takes to get it right.

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