Carter Heavy Haulage expands team to propel growth

Carter Heavy Haulage expands team to propel growth

With a spike in supply and demand for heavy haulage transport, Carter Heavy Haulage has recruited experienced Business Development Manager (BDM), Sam Kite, to their team to help promote growth and provide further support for their clients.

Sam brings to the team not only a breadth of industry knowledge and expertise, but also the perfect amount of charisma and determination to make him an ideal fit for the family-oriented business.

Having worked previously as a major independent player within civil and construction and across local crane industries, Sam understands what it takes to stand out from the crowd as well as promote and balance new business opportunities.

As a Business Development Manager, Sam is responsible for assisting with daily operations. This includes working across business development, permits, staff allocations, and whatever is required to get the job done.

Sam said that his BDM role at Carter Heavy Haulage will be to act as an all-rounder to ensure the team leverage their position as a premium heavy haulage company to new local and national markets.

Given Sam’s progression through the ranks during his career, he is able to bring with him a range of experience and knowledge across operations and management to the business.

When asked about why wanted to join the team, he said the strong family values was a major motivator, as well as the growth potential in the business.

“I was really drawn to the team environment of Carter Heavy Haulage. That was what I was looking for and what I was excited to be part of,” he said.

“As part of the team I’m willing to do whatever I can in any aspect with my skills. I have no agenda and I’m happy to do what is required to see the business grow.

“I’m entering this team at a very important growth stage, and I’m excited to be part of this chapter and to help the team reach that next level.”

Sam’s proven tenacity, family values and hard-working attitude were of immediate interest to Carter Heavy Haulage when the opportunity came to secure leading industry talent and expand the expertise of their team.

Company Secretary at Carter Heavy Haulage, Leonnie Carter said Sam’s addition couldn’t come at a better time and will be integral to the ongoing growth of their business over the next twelve months.

“We are experiencing a surge in demand, and our drivers have been on the road more than ever. With the demand, however, we quickly saw the need for more hands on deck to help us manage the load,” Leonnie said.

“Our ethos has always been centred around people and we didn’t want the increase in demand to shift our focus away from this. So, with the addition of Sam to our team, we will be able to focus on building the business with a person to interact with new leads, while still delivering for our existing clients.”

Leonnie said recruiting Sam was about striving for better work-life balance and believes he will be the perfect fit to help see them fill any gaps that were missing before.

“It’s about managing the load. We understand our job is demanding, so we do our best to try and find that balance. Any way we can try and take the pressure off is welcomed,” she said.

“With Sam joining, this will mean less overtime, more client-facing conversations, time to focus on the business and more time to spend with loved ones out of the office.

“Our Managing Director Josh is an award-winning driver and is best suited to being behind the wheel of our Kenworth trucks. Sam’s ‘gift of the gab’ will pair beautifully with Josh and the team’s expertise and will help us be even more forward facing and client ready.

“This addition will be a real breath of fresh air for all of us. It leaves us perfectly positioned to capture the continual growth that is expected in the region, while further cementing our existing client relationships.”

Sam said he looks forward to bringing new approaches to the workflow of the business and working with the people who make is all possible – their clients.

“I am so excited to work with new clients and bring in opportunities for the business through my connections in the industry.”

“It’s going to be great to celebrate these wins with the team as we work towards bigger and better goals,” Sam concluded.

IMAGE | Carter Heavy Haulage welcome new Business Development Manager, Sam to their team.

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