Beam e-bikes to be trialled in Lake Macquarie

Beam e-bikes to be trialled in Lake Macquarie

Global micromobility company, Beam will bring shared micromobility operations to the City of Lake Macquarie, with e-bike operations to commence in June.

The app-based service will feature affordable pay-as-you-go rates, virtual docking (parking) to protect the city’s amenity, and an in-app safety school for rider education.

With 500 e-bikes to be introduced to the city, over 50 local jobs will be created to manage the trial.

Beam’s General Manager (ANZ), Tom Cooper said they are excited to be trialling this in the region and is looking forward to the response of the community.

“We’re thrilled to be piloting Lake Macquarie’s first shared micromobility trial, and to bring our e-bikes to the region,” Tom said.

“We look forward to working collaboratively with local businesses and the Council of Lake Macquarie to bring our safe, affordable, and sustainable e-bikes to both residents and visitors.

“As micromobility becomes more commonplace in Australia, we believe its usage will only continue to increase exponentially, with more citizens engaging on the streets and leaving their cars behind.

“As we look forward to expanding our footprint across New South Wales, particularly with the introduction the state’s shared e-scooter trials, we are also committed to developing collaborative partnerships with local community members and organisations and engage in discussions around the safe operation of e-scooters to ensure the safety of both riders, pedestrians and other road users.”

Lake Macquarie City’s economic development company, Dantia CEO, Joshua Sattler said the community will get to experience a lot of new benefits from the e-bikes from a consumer and business perspective.

“There are many benefits to using shared micromobility, from helping locals connect through a safe, efficient, and fun service, to extending the range for pedestrians so they can visit more local businesses, Joshua said.

“We are looking to reduce congestion and parking issues in the city by encouraging people to leave their cars behind.

“Businesses in Lake Mac are bouncing back post COVID-19, so now is a great time to introduce e-bikes in the city to make shops and venues more accessible to everyone and increase foot traffic,” Joshua said.

Lake Macquarie Mayor, Kay Fraser, said this opportunity is the perfect way to increase our transport options in the region.

“Demand for e-bikes is growing rapidly, and this trial will help gauge the community’s appetite for a pay-as-you-go system, rather than the significant up-front cost of buying your own,” Kay concluded.

IMAGE | Beam’s e-bikes to be trialled in Lake Macquarie.


Dantia is the economic development company for Lake Macquarie City. 

Dantia's ultimate aim is to increase jobs and attract investment in Lake Macquarie.

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