Baby Diaries App creator sets sights on fur-babies

Baby Diaries App creator sets sights on fur-babies

Hunter Baby Diaries® app creator has made the progression from babies to fur-babies by launching The Pet Diaries App.

After years in development, The Pet Diaries app has launched with great anticipation from pet-parents and pet businesses alike.

The app records and graphs vaccinations, medications, allergies, accidents, appointments, nutrition, growth and events, and also features an in-built alert function linked to the user’s smartphone calendar – essentially doing away with the pen, paper and kitchen calendars traditionally used by pet parents to keep track of their pets.

Creator, Tara O’Connell said the app is designed to to give pet owners peace-of-mind by allowing them to keep track of their pet’s life from the palm of their hand

“An exclusive partnership with FitBark, the FitBit for pets, also allows pet parents to track their pet’s exercise and identify how much exercise and sleep their pet’s breed and age requires. With pet obesity and weight related health issues such as arthritis and diabetes at epidemic levels, this feature alone is invaluable,” Tara said.

With 62% of Australian households having a pet, and the annual spend on pets increasing from $4.4 billion in 2015, to $12 billion in 2017, it is obvious that the app will also benefit pet-based businesses.

“In an increasingly competitive marketplace with businesses vying for the attention of their target audience, the Pet Diaries app allows businesses to connect with their customers in a more personal and tailored manner,” Tara said.

“Businesses in the pet industry partnering with The Pet Diaries can enhance their customers’ journey by offering true value-added features along with targeted and tailored offerings. Additionally, the app assists businesses with customer acquisition and retention and of course increased sales.

“Customers are on their smartphones all day (and half the night), so it’s imperative in a competitive marketplace to cut through the noise and grab their attention – and what better place to do this than on their smartphones!”

Tara O’Connell is an experienced business mentor, educator, mum of two and a pet-mum to Bentley, a mischievous Beaglier. In addition to The Pet Diaries, Tara has developed The Baby Diaries which has been licenced in Australia by TerryWhite Chemmart, Australia’s largest pharmacy group, and Our Care Journal, designed for carers of the chronically ill and ageing. Our Care Journal is due for release in September 2018.

IMAGE | Founder of The Baby Diaries, Tara O’Connell.

The Pet Diaries

Keep track of your pet from the palm of four hand with The Pet Diaries App.

Parents have a lot to remember. But worrying when your pet’s next worming or vaccination is due, when the groomer is coming, the vet’s phone number, or if your pet is getting enough exercise is now a thing of the past!  

The NEW, FREE Pet Diaries app makes caring for your pet’s wellbeing easy. 

Replace your pen, paper and kitchen calendars with one simple app!  

The founder of The Pet Diaries has now also created the Baby Diaries for mums and dads.

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