3D scans revolutionise surveying in the Hunter

3D scans revolutionise surveying in the Hunter

A picture tells a thousand words and 3D laser scanned images and animations say much more, according to Monteath & Powys.

Established in the Hunter region for more than 60 years, four years ago Monteath & Powys invested in top-of-the-line 3D laser scanning technology,

Accessible for technical and non-technical people alike, the images give a greater depth of understanding and accuracy than traditional surveying, in a fraction of the time.

3D scanning Service Manager, Matt Greig, said that having this capability in the Hunter has given their clients the leading edge.

“Our clients use laser scanning to work out volumes of stockpiles and earthworks, for visual assessments and taking measurements, providing accurate as-built information allowing retrofitting and prefabrication of new structures that are correct the first time,” Matt said.

“It used to take days to accumulate the amount of data we can gather in an hour.”

Laser scanning is a surveying technique used to gather data about an object or an environment, which can then be used to create a digital 3D model, either as 3D CAD shapes, still images or as a realistic virtual tour (animation).

Virtual tours of some of their recent scans can be seen here including the Merewether Surfhouse, Newcastle and Gunnedah streetscapes and the Newcastle Town Hall.

The scanner captures everything it can see from each scan position, capturing some 50 million ‘points’ every three minutes.  Multiple scanning positions can be used to capture all sides of an object. These scan positions (“point clouds”) are then stitched together to form a complete representation of the object.

3D animations or walk-throughs have been used for Town Planning and urban design projects, overlaying the existing environment with the proposed development to assess the visual impact.

“The scanner can be mounted on a vehicle, reducing time spent on site, and lowered into confined spaces, under bridges and other inaccessible areas,” Matt said.

“Previously unreachable objects can now be scanned instantly, safely and accurately.”

“The exciting thing about this technology is that the practical applications are endless. We’re finding new ways to use it every day.”

Data can be supplied as 3D CAD models in a range of formats or as a final processed point cloud. The free Leica TrueView panoramic point cloud viewer file can also be provided, to easily view, measure and share 360o photo-like images.  This is great for visualisation purposes, especially when professionals engaged are not able to visit the project site. Engineering tolerances of +-2mm are achievable.

Monteath & Powys

Established in 1950, Monteath & Powys are a leading Hunter-based surveying, planning and environment, engineering design, project management and GIS service company. Their portfolio includes involvement in projects such as the Newcastle light rail, the Verve and East End developments.

From their offices across NSW, Monteath & Powys’ team of more than 60 work in close collaboration to provide clients with high quality outcomes and exacting personalised service.

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