Wellbeings and Co launch new online wellbeing program

Wellbeings and Co launch new online wellbeing program

At the height of COVID-19, Garth and Susie Russell from Wellbeings and Co, developed an online program for business leaders and staff called the Way to Being Well (Six Steps to a New You).

People have the option to complete the entire six-module program or participate in one or more of the modules.

To coincide with Mental Health Month the couple has launched module one – A Healthy Mind.

Garth said their new business Wellbeings and Co. had been running for six months when COVID-19 struck.

“We started the year with a clear vision, full of hope and optimism because clients liked what we were offering and were booking in our coaching and workshop services,” Garth said.

“The enormity of COVID-19 meant all that we had been working for completely evaporated, and we thought our new business had become worthless.

“After many sleepless nights, we invested the little we had in reserve in an online coaching course to teach us how to leverage our business online.”

Susie sees the A Healthy Mind module as a foundation program in itself, useful for work and other parts of life.

She said a healthy mind is vital for business leaders and staff to deal with the compounding effect of COVID-19 on dealing with an ever-changing workplace and business environment.

“This practical module builds self-awareness, encourages self-confidence, and is an effective stress management tool,” Susie said.

“There are seven engaging, easy to understand lessons of about 20 minutes-using video, slide packs and activities to complete.

“For those in business looking for a circuit breaker to the long-term effects of a challenging year, this is a straightforward, uncomplicated solution.”

While they have moved online, the philosophy of Wellbeings and Co. remains.

The couple said the online modules help organisations to foster teams of wellbeing’s, who gain more clarity and direction, increasing job satisfaction which leads to greater productivity and profitability.

“We are delivering the tools and experience to help people feel less stressed, to have more control over their lives and to have better relationships–at home and at work,” Susie said.

“We started Wellbeings and Co. because we knew many people are stressed about money, their health, their relationships and their future and it is making them feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

“COVID-19 has just amplified this for even more business-peopleand their staff.”

The six modules in the Way to Being Well (Six Steps to a New You) include;

  • A Healthy Mind
  • Eat and Grow Fit
  • Seeds to Self-Management
  • Real Relationship
  • Soul Searching
  • Change and Sustain.

Garth said the business remains ready to safely offer its original team building workshops, motivational presentations, keynote speaking and individual coaching programs, as well as other products and services, as pandemic restrictions ease.

Moreinformationcan be found via wellbeingsandco.com.au.

IMAGE | Garth and Susie Russell of Wellbeings and Co.

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