Novocastrian proves the potential of a career in art

Novocastrian proves the potential of a career in art

When you last picked up a jar of Vegemite, you may have noticed it has been adorned by local artist, Mitch Revs.

The internationally renowned artist and proud Novocastrian said he is delighted to have his creativity spread across the jars with the piece, as it “screams the youth of today – which is why I continue to make art.”

For years, Mitch has displayed his original pieces in pop-up exhibitions. Back in 2016, the slogan “all paths lead to Junction Fair”, had a ring of truth for Mitch as he set up a pop-up exhibition in the centre. His unique style, which utilises vibrant colours to depict iconic scenes of the Newcastle lifestyle, fit perfectly among the boutique retailers of the Junction Fair.

Although brief, his exhibition left such a lasting impact for the community of the Junction Fair that when the centre decided to refresh their capital works, they had to involve him.

Earlier this year, Mitch’s pop-up was made a permanent fixture at Junction Fair, along with updates to the ramp way, community noticeboard and other amenities which have together redesigned the boutique shopping centre’s look and feel.

He considers it “an absolute pleasure to welcome people to the centre with so much colour”.

“These pieces have been created to become a talking point, not just another painting on the wall. Based on the feedback I have received, everyone seems to love and appreciate it also,” Mitch said.

The art draws inspiration from Newcastle.

“How could you not be inspired by this beautiful city? I have been lucky enough to have been born and raised here. To tell my stories through these artworks and see the positive reaction from the public makes it so special,” Mitch said.

Mitch hopes to inspire the next generation of artists.

“I want to inspire kids that are trying to find their way in the world and let them know that a career in arts is possible and positive! I was fortunate to grow up in a creative environment before the digital age. It’s so important to continue giving kids real paint, pencils and paper.”

One way that Mitch and the Junction Fair hope to inspire more local artists is through a colouring-in competition. As part of their Christmas Campaign, Junction Fair is distributing Mitch Revs’ line art to local primary schools, and making it available to those who come in-centre. The artworks will adorn the Junction Fair throughout December and three winning artists will be presented with a prize on 22 December.

This competition pairs beautifully with the planned opening of Mitch’s first gallery on Hunter Street in December, which “has been a dream of mine since I started this journey. I am looking forward to collaborating with new brands, building relationships and most importantly just making art.”

IMAGE | Novocastrian and internationally renowned artist, Mitch Revs.

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