New business styles sale properties using existing furniture

New business styles sale properties using existing furniture

Jennifer Harrison has combined her extensive real estate experience with her passion for interior styling to create a new business to help people selling their homes to cost effectively present it in the best possible light.

Jennifer said her business, Style by Jenn, is unique locally and attracting a great deal of interest because she styles homes using people’s existing furniture and belongings.

Working for 11 years in real estate, Jennifer saw a gap in the market. So many homes could be presented better by creating space and making them more visually appealing to potential buyers at minimal cost.

“When going through the stressful time of selling a home, people want simple, effective styling that won’t cost them extra money or time in buying additional items,” Jennifer said.

“Simple styling can help to sell a property faster or at a better than expected price.

“Statistics show that having your property professionally styled before it is listed for sale can increase the sale price by approximately 10 per cent.

“You need to put the pieces together to create harmony, flow, balance, scale and texture so the space is welcoming and functional.”

She has had early success with one of her first clients’ properties that she styled selling in under two weeks for 20 per cent above the asking price.

Jennifer said she has always been blessed with creative genes and has gained qualifications from the International School of Colour and Design. She has also worked in home décor retail.

She said she felt she was not making use of her creative skills in her work life and it was time for a change. She is enjoying being her own boss.

“Combining my experience in real estate and my eye for design and style into my own business is the perfect solution for a mature woman like me,” Jennifer said.

“I just love my job because I am so happy when I’m being creative and sharing my creativity with others.”

Jennifer turned to the Hunter Futurepreneurs Program and received support from the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) to help her make the transition from working for others to running her own business.

“The advice and support I receive from Cheryl Royle [Hunter Entrepreneurship Facilitator] and through NEIS is excellent,” Jennifer said.

“I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for that guidance.”

She says sometimes a couple of cushions, some flowers with greenery or a repurposed item of furniture are required.

“A couple of new plants in the front garden, some colour on the front door or new handles on kitchen cupboards can dramatically lift a property,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer also styles the homes of people who are not selling, using existing items, to update the look of their home.

“I love my new role because it gives me a great sense of accomplishment to help transform the look of a home.”

“I get so much satisfaction from the look on clients’ faces when they see the end result.”

IMAGE | Jennifer Harrison, Founder of Style by Jenn.

Style by Jenn

Jennifer Harrison is the property stylist who cost effectively transforms homes that are being sold using existing items to help lift their sale price.

She is passionate about seeing the smile on people’s faces as she shares her artistic flair with them.

Jennifer’s extensive experience in real estate and home décor retail makes her uniquely placed to deliver this service.

She provides a range of other styling services to suit her clients’ needs and budget.

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